Wednesday, August 31, 2016

on the third day...

today is lucy's third day of homeschooling, and we are both loving it.

i am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to do this with her: thankful that she's so eager to learn, thankful providence had me major in special education 17 years ago (even though i only taught in a grade school for two years (the rest of my life has been spent in early childhood education)), thankful the husband has a job that supports us so that my days can be spent attending to the Ls' needs. i honestly don't know what we would do if i HAD to work; between doctor's appointments and school meetings, and now it serving lucy best to homeschool her...He truly does work all things together for the good of us.

we took a filed trip to a local nursery since we are learning about photosynthesis. we saw carnivorous plants. awesome!  

map skills. latitude and longitude. she's a future ship captain. :) 

always a smile. her joy overflows. 

there really is nothing new movement-wise on the "brining home Sparrow front".  our home study is finished and there is one background check we are waiting on (this one from out of state takes 30 days).  once the home study is finished an approved by our agency we can send in our i800a application.
     the i800a application is what approves US to adopt a child (the united states government does this)

after we receive that back it is the final piece of our dossier (collection of paperwork) (there is a "page" you can click on at the top which breaks down all these acronyms); we get it notarized, certified, and authenticated, and then send all the documents to the chinese embassy, then to china (DTC) where it will be logged into the system (LID) and await approval (LOA/LSC).

fundraising stands with us trying to sell furniture in our house we don't use, ebay-ing items, and planning another yard sale.

also, i'm an Usborne book rep now, so all the commission from books ordered through my business site we can put toward brining Sparrow home.  (side note: the Usborne site is down from August 31st until September 1st (night) for a major upgrade/change).

i'm supra excited about this because childhood literacy and instilling the love of books in children is one of my passions.




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