Friday, May 1, 2015

the wait

i'd refer to this period we are in as the "contractions" period. except, it last a few weeks...ouch. also, i don't really need a spinal block. i do need a glass of wine though.

we were told a few weeks ago it would be very possible for us to have "family day" on the 18th of may, which would mean we would leave either the 14th or 15th. right now, it comes down to if we can have article 5 drop off by Monday or Tuesday in China which will determine if we will be with our children on the 18th or not. (we've already received travel approval for lucy, but since we added luke on later, we are working with our agency to catch him up, and the assure us they should be able to push his through faster since we can travel at any time for lucy-girl).

     ***article 5 drop off is when our facilitator in china has all of luke-dude's visa documents delivered to the C3 (CCCWA) (the governmental office in china that oversees adoptions).

if we do not get the last document we need from our government by the end of today, it is unlikely we will be able to be with our children on the 18th. BUT---we would most certainly be with them by the 25th.  either way, we'll be with our children at some point in may!!!! may!!!! THIS MONTH!!!!

i'm still quite devastated i will not be with them on mother's day.  i plan on taking my dog for a hike that day. i'm his mom too. :)

just kidding. he's actually really lazy. 

but a happy lazy. 

i can't really describe the emotions i have right now. i'm not nervous at all. i'm not anxious. i'm not scared.  i feel what i would assume is akin to a mother waiting to pick her kids up from a summer-long camp. they are already a part of me, and i am just waiting to bring them "back home". each day i think of new things we have to do to get the house ready for them. i think of new things i "need" for them. i think of recipe planning. i think of chore charts. i think of a daily schedule to keep the house somewhat clean. i think if i am going to be one of those 4 out of 5 women who don't/can't shower every day (because there are children to tend to). i can stink. that's okay because the hubs already married me!!!! :)

we've recently had a "small" financial set back. it's okay, we know He is faithful to provide. i mean, He's already provided over $13,000!!!! wow! i still can't even wrap my mind around it. if you look to the right you will see a handy-dandy thermometer which shows you how LITTLE we have left to go, even after this set back! yay!!! 
--all the uncertainties regarding finances, logistics, plans, waits, etc remind me of this verse: "you believe because you have seen (Me), but blessed are this who have not seen (Me...or miracles and signs) and still believe" --john 20:29. 
and that reminds me how silly it is for me to worry about anything. so silly. i believe. even when i cannot see, i believe. 

and....if you would like to welcome them home--celebrate them as becoming sons and daughters we have a fun little registry set up through target (it's a baby registry, with my "due date" being May 14th/15th because they don't have adoption registries), here's a link, and lucy and luke would be thrilled to receive anything from you adorers! <3

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