Monday, March 16, 2015

because it matters to this one

this is "clarice"

isn't she precious. oh, and her smile--it could light up a room from a hundred thousand miles away. she has such a beautiful soul, such a joy, such a light in her eyes. so much hope CAN lie ahead for her. all she needs is a family; but, her time is running out. :( 

when she turns 16 in july, she will no longer be adoptable. 

poof! her chance of every having a family, a safe environment to live and grow in, to experience love and a mother's touch and embrace--gone. she will be transferred to an "institution" where on average, children live less than a year once there. the neglect is unimaginable, and it takes it's toll--on these precious soul's.  

but, there's hope for her. YOU. you are her hope. 

there are so many loving families whose only hinderance to adopting is money. the average adoption (depending on the country) total fees span from $22,000 to $38,000; but, this is what makes Reece's Rainbow so amazing! the most vulnerable and most over-looked children are given a better chance of finding a family because the financial burden is eliminated, or at least lifted.  clarice has over $21,000 in her grant. that means her adoption is PAID FOR! the only fees a family would need to front would be their home study (or home study update) and USCIS fees, these are minimal, and likely from $2,000-$3000. and honestly, if a family committed to clarice and had to begin the process form scratch, they could set up a gofundme account and have a community (including my husband and i) rally around them to even help with that small amount. 

that seems so soon--july! but, there is enough time! luckily, only certain paperwork needs to be filed for her before her 16th birthday--you don't actually have to be in country picking her up by her 16th birthday, so, it is VERY feasible to give her the promise of a family in time! 

you can read more about her by clicking at the end of this post. if you would like more information on the process of adopting sweet clarice, contact

even if you cannot pursue her adoption, please share this post, so that someone may see it and they would be her forever mommy and daddy! we cannot let her light slip away, she has too much hope within her. 

***unfortunately, this is one of the few countries/areas single women cannot adopt from, but they are open to older parents (empty nesters!) and large families. :) 

clarice's grant page

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