Thursday, September 11, 2014

china just got a huge stack of papers!


we conquered. 
we're still married (and in love).
i'm not completely gray (yet).

our dossier is in china!
***dossier is a fancy word for those eleventy-quadrillion sheets of papers, notarizations, certifications, and authentications you have to have.

now, they will meticulously look at all these (well, after they're translated) and it's a bunch more acronyms from here: 
OOT (out of translation)
LID (log in date)
LOA (letter of acceptance)
TA (travel approval)

it takes much longer than those acronyms would have you believe. 

we are just ready for our sweet lucy-girl to be home, with her forever family, the one she was born in the hearts of.  
i am always astounded at the resilient spirit of these children, their forgiving hearts, the trust and bravery they have to travel to the other side of the world with "parents" they have never met. everything about them is so much braver, stronger, and more loving than any of us! we are the blessed ones and we are the honored ones. 
we mustn't have any expectation, we mustn't believe that we are coming back to america sliding down rainbow, on a unicorn, and into a pile of pillows and soft puppies. (well, there's a puppy, but, he's not soft anymore). 
it's okay for it to be a 90/10, 95/5, or 98/2 give. she's the one with the trauma to overcome, the frustration of the language to learn, sites to familiarize with, etc. 
He is faithful, not only to us, but first and foremost, to her, our sweet daughter. our lucy-girl.

up next: 
fees due at LOA/TA time: approximately $8,000
fees we have to carry on us during travel: a lot, as in 5 digits/walking targets a lot.

we have $3,900 in our reece's rainbow account (that's a lot of love for our lucy-girl), and are counting on about $5,000 between the hubs' next bonus and a few paychecks (total of $8,800). but, God is not a God of half-provision: He can lower bills, motivate raises, bless with success on ebay and etsty, etc. there was also a story in the bible of someone being told to catch a fish and pull a coin from it's mouth. that sounds like a really cool way of His provision, i'm going fishing! :) 

i'm selling some vintage-y jewelry on my etsy shop: 

i'm also making doggie tutus and necklaces on this one:

oh, and my ebay name is: carpre2, i have neat and pretty clothes i sell on it!

or, i can just bake you cookies, if you prefer that.  :) 

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  1. I'm so excited to find your blog! I saw your girl being advocated for on a couple different websites and am excited that she has a family coming for her. I saw your video and could definitely feel your heart for adoption. I hope your adoption progresses very quickly and that you can bring her home soon! :) :) I'm so happy that you're adopting an older girl. We too are trying to adopt an older girl who is 11 and in Taiwan. Hopefully she agrees to be adopted so that we can bring her home soon!