Monday, April 14, 2014

they will know us by our love for one another

"by this, they will all know you are my disciples if you have love for one another" --john 13:35

one thing i love about the adoption community, is how you feel instantly connected with a stranger who lives states away simply because you are both adopting. the reece's rainbow community is incredibly supportive and encouraging, with emerging friendships and life-long bonds formed, even if you never actually meet. there are of course, these people known as "trolls" who hate adoption...i think that's their point...i'm not sure what their solution is to the orphan crisis, but i'm sure if they'd articulate it instead of attacking adoptive families i'd nominate them for the nobel peace prize; but then again, it's easier to be venomous than it is to actually do something to make a positive change....

there's lots of judgement and nasty things said about adoption, families who adopt, families who adopt and admit it is H-A-R-D. it's easier to throw stones and spit venom than it is to reach out and offer encouragement. we don't think that "'murica is the greatest place in the galaxy! red, white, and!!!" but it is a blessed nation-that is why more countries are open to international adoptions where the forever family is in america than any other country (aside from putin, but really look at what the guy's done, do you really want him to be the example, the hill you die hoist your flag and die on?).  research the statistics of what happens to orphaned children that age out in china (and other countries).  should they really age out and become social outcasts with no real promises of jobs and quality education just because someone has a some issues with a few families that have adopted (or adoption in general, but again, i ask for their solution....change a culture? great, move there, do that-change the culture's mindset; better yet, move there, or become involved with a program that gets to the root of the issue so that there won't be any orphaned children to begin with...).

for every rotten person that slips through the cracks and is approved for adoption, and then bad stuff happens, there's 1,000s more that are wonderful, loving, caring, and servant-hearted families.  kind of like those wackos from westboro baptist church--you can't judge all christians by those 15.  kind of like kids with guns...not all kids carry guns to harm each other.  kind of like people in the south, most of us do have all of our teeth and can speak articulately. kind of like people up north, they don't all support abortion clinic inside walmarts.

moving on...:
i bought our sweet girl a dress the other day, and i hung it in her room.  i wasn't expecting the tears that would fill my eyes as i did this, and the ones that would continue to stream down my cheeks as i walked out and back down our stairs (trolls, don't worry, we will move upstairs to the guest room once our sweet girl is home and adjusted and feeling safe and secure).  i just want her home. i want to know that she is safe, nurtured, loved, and lavished with positive affirmation; the only way  my heart will rest is when she is home, and i know i and the hubs are providing that to her, and this is still 7-12 months away.

my in-laws are selling their home and buying one in our neighborhood, which will be wonderful for our sweet girl, to have her grandparents so close by.  we're excited to have them a quick walk away (don't worry, our neighborhood has private roads, and sidewalks which hare perfectly safe to walk on).

some resources:
i prefer facts to opinions and judgements
statistics are fun!
so many numbers!!!!!!
educate yourself past a news story (or two)
you'd rather them age out?--then do something about it (this is a christian site, but if you can find an atheist site that promotes ways to care for aging out orphans, then by all means....)

and finally: IT IS SO MUCH EASIER TO JUST LOVE PEOPLE.  hate is taxing and plus causes premature wrinkles, all that anger! let's just love each other.  they will know who we are, by our love for one another.

and if you're not a christian, you're still not excused, there is no reason to kill love:
“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.” --anais nin


  1. New reader...saw you linked on Adeye's blog (No Greater Joy Mom) and wanted to let you know I will pray for your family as you work towards bringing your beautiful girl HOME!

  2. P.S. I'm sorry--made a mistake! It wasn't Adeye's blog that directly mentioned you. I clicked on her link on her recent post, THEN clicked on a reeces rainbow link to "Hallie" for your family!