Sunday, March 16, 2014

her precious face and resilient spirit

It's been two days since we've been able to share the only two pictures we have of our sweet girl with you all.  My heart has been wanting to share her sweet face and resilient spirit long before now, but there had been another decision on China's end we were waiting on. 

what's next. the question we've been asked like a eleventh-bilion times. here's a summary: 

* book reports!  yeah, we have to read three recommended books from a list of about 30, and write book reports on them-i need to find my old APA books...

* watch about 10 hours of online training videos and take a test on them afterward

* confirm that ryan is not a secret felon (i know I'm not, but how well do we ever know anyone) (i kid, i kid, he's harmless)

* have some people that have good things to say about us submit some recommendations

* file an uscis i-800a application and do some sort of special fingerprinting

* submit our dossier (dos-e-a) (a lot of paperwork, fancy word for a lot of paperwork) 

* wait. 

* wait

* wait

* wait some more

* travel

in between these is a lot money due (well, the most is due right before travel) ($15,000), at one point in submission of paperwork we have like $4,000 due, and at another point we have like $3,000 due, but the main "ohmygod, we have what due?!" is right before travel, which means i have about 7 months to exercise and eat right so that when $15,000 is due, i can stress eat all the hostess cupcakes and prince's hot chicken and still end up at my starting point. 

but none of that matters! look at the sweet, beautiful, happy, and resilient girl that is about to have a forever family!

there is so much to do! 
* learn mandarin (easy-peasy!)
* order this really cute bed set from 
* learn to cook sticky rice and steam fish
* really, really, really sleep in a few more times, like teenager lever 11 a.m. sleep in; because life is about to change---for the awesomely better! 
* i'm sure there's "few" more things i'm forgetting, but, we'll figure it out! 

ahhhhh!!!! i love being able to fully share our joy with you all now! 

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