Thursday, December 12, 2013

there's perfection in the imperfection

why are we not adopting a "perfect" child?
because there's perfection in the imperfection, because the perfect love of Christ is shown when we do what He did: go out into the nations, becoming His hands and feet, setting the lonely in families (psalm 68:6), lifting up the last to become first (matthew 20:16), and doing unto the "least of these" (matthew 25:40).

He adopted us when we were imperfect, sick with greediness and rowdiness, crippled with eyes that sought out the frivolous things of this world, made lazy with legs that were content in one place, and marred with self-inflicted wounds from bad choices--that's how we were when He adopted us (romans 5:8)!
but! when we were lonely, He came to us. when we wee sick, He carried us. when we were unworthy and unwanted, He called us His own (zechariah 3:1-5).  why are we not doing to that to others?! His love is in us-how can we not!

it's not about "us". it's not about having a child to take cute pictures with, and wear matching outfits with. it's not about having a child's room to fill with "stuff" which will become broken and forgotten. it's about the story of His redemption. it's about getting to live out His promise, and be His hands and feet. it's about a bigger story. it's about His promise. it's about complete and total faith in Him, and desiring to see His Kingdom of Love grow and grow, and giving a name to the nameless, a home to the homeless, a heart to the lonely, and kisses to the forgotten. it's about embracing the leper, and carrying the lame (luke 10:25-37). it's about Jesus! it's about His word! it's not about us! it's not about you. it's about the abandoned, sick, and lonely being part of His fulfilled promises and words.

we're painting a picture in our actions and deeds of His wishes, His heart. He loves adoption! He loves seeing the "least of these" sought out.

i don't even know what to say besides it's not about anyone, but our daughter and Jesus. there's so much joy that flows from the heart when He guides your path to something (psalm 40:8), those things that make others question and ask "why", those things that others attack and don't understand, i can't explain it, i can only point to the Word, and say, "this is why!"

when you see these children, don't keep scrolling to look for a "perfect one", don't look at these precious, beautiful faces and think about all the vacations you'd miss if you brought one home, don't think about what you won't be able to do if you say "yes"...think of the joy in saying "yes!" believe there is far greater joy in acting on His words than any other dreams of your life can hold...that and "imperfect" children love the beach and disney world too! :)

you can help us to bring "ruth" home by buying a beautiful item created by beautiful women in developing countries, and a portion will go to our adoption.
you help these beautiful women all over the world, and us too! it's a win/win!

ENTER "CARMEN PRECIADO" in the order notes for a portion to go toward our adoption. :)

we bought an ostrich for her :)  

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