Tuesday, January 6, 2015

there are enough families

a few days after I wrote this post, this sweet and precious girl passed away. she is free from pain now, free from loneliness,  and in the arms of her eternal and loving Father. Rest well sweet girl.  

there are a lot of children living in orphanages and foster homes around the world. the numbers vary: 147 million to 165 million.

some of these precious ones are "double orphans"--both father and mother have passed away or are not raising them (either by choice or other), still others are social orphans, while others have families that cannot afford to care for them, so they are handed over to their country's social welfare institutes.

the futures for each precious child (who collectively makes up that huge number at the beginning) vary greatly. some, based off of their special need(s), are left to be institutionalized, still others are turned out onto the streets (and we won't discuss what they resort to in order to eat and live), while others are fortunate and able to remain as staff at their orphanage, and some become "lost"--disappear, as if they never existed.

but, there is hope. the hope is us (you, everyone).
He sets the lonely in families -- psalm 68:6

there is a link at the top of this page, that takes you to another post, detailing why adoption is so expensive. the truth is: not many families can easily afford it. even after all the saving, 2nd jobs, fundraising, donations, grants, etc. there is still a gap, and that gap is often what separates loving people from adopting these very deserving children.

in comes Reece's Rainbow

a wonderful organization that raises money for children with special needs, who are waiting on their forever family.

RR just finished their largest yearly fundraiser (Angel Tree), and there are now many beautiful children with sizable grants. some well over $5,000. this is an incredible boost to helping them find their family...helping their family find them.

you can see the beautiful children that benefited from this year's angel tree here:
epic grants for precious ones!

there are other precious children who were not part of the angel tree fundraiser that have sizable grants too:

this doll tugs at my heart. what a precious soul she is: you can read about her here:
precious girl

her grant is over $15,000, with the country she is located in, a family would only have to provide an additional $7,000 in the due fees/travel expenses.

she is so deserving of having a loving mommy wrap her arms around her, kiss her sweet head at night, and whisper prayers over her.

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