Wednesday, November 6, 2013

i weep for you daily

sweet girl.

God is bringing people into our lives already to begin to serve you.  yes, serve you! we were celebrating your friend-cousin's "gotcha day" and i was telling them about you.  your wait, how i longed to bring you home.  how i wanted to move to "---" until i could bring you home, but how we had much to do to prepare your new home.  and a sweet lady there told me she was an OT (we'll be real close to them!), and her husband worked with a charity that remodeled bathrooms for children with special needs.

i laughed as i thought, "God's got this".  i smiled as i thought of how he brought us to you through dreams i've had for the last 2 years.  i question why i deserve to be your mommy, why i deserve to be led to you in dreams, and God's response is that it's not i who deserve it, you deserve the miracles to bring you home.  you deserve His interventions for your life to be redeemed, and promises fulfilled.

i found a lovey for you.  it's a soft teddy bear, and the purchase of it helps other children who lost their mommies and daddies too.

we pray for you everyday.  i cry for you everyday.  in those evenings in my car, alone, driving home, tears stream down my face, and my heart weeps for the pain you've endured, it weeps for you to know we are coming for you, it weeps for you to feel even a fraction of the overwhelming love we have for you.

sweet girl, i hold you in my heart.

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